Thailand’s next top model was a local franchised version of the reality television show America’s next top model that aired in 2005. The show was hosted by Thai model, Sonia Couling and the prize for the winner included a contract with Elite Model Management in Bangkok. The show’s only cycle airing on ThaiTV3 every Wednesday and Thursday from 9.50 p.m. to 10.20 p.m.. It began airing on May 18, 2005 and ended on August 28, 2005. It was won by Chananun Khiaochaoum from Samut Songkhram. It is undeniable that this is the example of the Thai television show that was not popular at all. As a consequence, there was just only one season and then ended up with one winner. Expectedly, there were no continual seasons because of the fact that the rating at that time was relatively low and Thai people were not interested in this kind of television show. Nevertheless, it can be said that this television show might be the great sign of the advancement in Thai models and fashions in 2005.




There were, in total, 13 episodes in this television show and the models were weekly eliminated by their pictures and photo shots. In every episode, the models had to do the activities together to harvest the experiences and lessons about taking the decent photo shots and expressing the proper emotions to their pictures. For instance, in episode 7, the top 7 girls had makeovers and changed their looks and personalities to become more outstanding in the competition. Also, in episode 9 and 10, the top 5 girls had a great chance to head for Japan and did activities there with one another. Last but not least, in episode 13, there were just only two girls left and the winner finally appeared. From my point of view, I do realize this television show is so creative and is for the people who have the passion in fashion and model. I, as the one who loves fashion and model, would like to have a chance to take part in this kind of competition and appreciate the pillars of fashions.



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